Hadji J. Williams, copywriter

Listen up.


PNC Bank

“(Know) Your mistakes” magazine (single)

“(Know) Your finances” magazine (single)

“Like a Boss” TV/Web short

“Debutante” TV/digital

“Giving back, starting over” TV/digital

Digital banners + video

Digital banners + video

PNC Bank’s “For The Achiever In You” was a 360º campaign built by combining empowering life moments with actionable financial knowledge for urban professionals, entrepreneurs, and retirees. We drove downloads to PNC’s financial apps and increased account signups. “KNOW” was the rallying cry across all executions.

  • Role Copywriter

  • For PNC Bank

  • Date 2016-2019

  • Type 360º campaign (Web film + TV + Magazine + Digital + Radio)

  • URL pnc.com

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